Asking the right question ALWAYS brings you to a deeper level of personal transformation.

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It was an enlightening experience being interviewed by Peggy Freeh in her podcast series “Simple Daily Practice—Inspiring Stories of Personal Transformation”!

In my book, “How to Make the Most of Your Earth Experience–14 Principles for Living Unconditional Love,” I talk about the power of asking the right question. It’s the question itself that brings you to new illuminations

Peggy is such a gifted interviewer, she asked questions that brought me to new levels of awareness even as I was answering them. Some brought back memories I’d forgotten. Others even threw me for a loop!  🙂

When I was listening to my Divine Soul guidance on the fly, you can hear it in my voice.

I hope listening to her interview helps to bring you to new levels of personal illumination, too.


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From Peggy Freeh’s podcast series “Simple Daily Practice—Inspiring Stories of Personal Transformation.”

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∼Jack Canfield (International bestselling author Chicken Soup for the Soul)

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∼Kelli S.

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Milton Rodriguez Jr

“As an intuitive energy healer and author, myself, I will definitely be recommending this to my own clients as part of their own growth! Great, easy read with lots of great info for all levels!

∼April Adams

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