Is Your Higher Self the Same Thing as Your Divine Soul?

Article updated June 28, 2018

Is your Higher Self the same thing as your Divine Soul?

This reader’s question about the terminology of Divine Soul and Higher Self comes up a lot.


What’s the difference between a Divine Soul and Higher Self?  Aren’t they one in the same?

Some people use the two terms interchangeably. But you’ll be missing out on a really fine distinction if you do. One that makes all the difference in the world in your sense of well being, creativity, and ability to fully and freely create with the power of Unconditional Love.

Bottom line, it’s your Divine Soul that brings in the real gold. Not your Higher Self.

Think of your Divine Soul and Higher Self as being two different aspects of how you’re able to experience life.

“Huh?” Your ego-intellect might scratch its metaphorical head. “Aspects? Aren’t I just me?”

You are just you. And you’re so much more than your ego-intellect ever dreamed of in its wildest imaginations.

Is your eye an aspect of you?  Yes.

Is your mouth an aspect of you?  Yes.

Are both your eyes and mouth a part of your physical sensory instruments?  Of course!

Is your eye the same thing as your mouth?  Of course not!

They each experience life. But they do it differently, in their own way.

The same goes for your Higher Self and Divine Soul.


Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self as that aspect of you that experiences life in more expanded realities than what you were taught in grammar school. It’s like it’s sitting on the rooftop or mountain and is able to overlook the panorama below.

So what does that mean?

School systems are set up to condition us to live in our logical minds, and ignore what we feel in our hearts. You’re Higher Self is able to look at your Earthly life beyond that social conditioning. It resides in your head. It can observe without being emotionally involved, which often lets you see things more clearly than when you look at life only through the eyes of your ego-intellect.

(In the online course, “Meet the Infinite You (8 Step Master Roadmap to Personal Freedom”, you see how and why your ego intellect has learned to live by social mores and fear-conditioning. CLICK HERE to find out more.)

To your ego-intellect, your Higher Self is a cool Kahuna. But it’s only capable of discerning a certain number of dimensions. It knows a whole lot more than your human ego-intellect was taught, but it’s grammar school level when compared to your Divine Soul Knowing.

You may or may not be ready to go deeper into your Divine Soul Knowing. Honor your process. Be unattached however to what you think you know, so you can discover what your Divine Soul knows… and you have forgotten.


Your Divine Soul

Where your Higher Self is adept at whispering to you about Unconditional Love… your Divine Soul sings it out loud. Dances it. Channels it. Shapes it. Forms it. Manifests directly with it. IT IS Unconditional Love in its first generation vibration.

Your Divine Soul resides in the deepest part of your Heart of hearts. I talk about it in my novel, WAYMAKERS as well as in the article, “What is Your Divine Soul?” That’s a whole lot deeper than your human heart, which is capable of feeling human pain.

Think of your Heart of hearts as your original creation spark of Infinite Unconditional Love.

If you’re the fire, Unconditional Love is the first spark that created it. The fire came from Unconditional Love, and is made of Unconditional Love. What fire does with its power can vary. It can burn and destroy entire forests, or provide heat and cook food for sustenance.

The same goes for you and how you use your power. You can create fear and limitation for yourself, or you can create the life you came here to live.

In that space of your Heart of hearts, Human pain is non-existent because Human pain is created by your past conditioning. That past conditioning resists, limits, and warps the flow of Unconditional Love into something your Divine Soul simply wouldn’t fit into. It’d be like trying to fit the Pacific Ocean into a shot glass. You can’t.

Your Divine Soul is the aspect of you that’s consciously aware of your connection to all of Creation past, present, and future.

I’m going to use the word “She” for the sake of convenience, and because I’m a woman. Your Divine Soul is a perfectly balanced union of male and female, and it’d be a shame to objectify this amazing part of you by calling Her “It”.

  • She’s consciously aware of everything that ever was, is, and will be.
  • She’s your Origin spark of Creation from the Original Light Source.
  • She knows you better than any other part of you knows itself. She communicates vibrationally to your conditioned ego-intellect from that deep space of Knowing.
  • She has an awareness and knowledge that is infinitely deeper and more vast than that of your Higher Self.


Once you live 100% in your Divine Soul Knowing, your ego-intellect takes on a secondary role. I like to say it becomes your Divine Soul’s “secretary”. Meanwhile, your Higher Self takes its rightful place as an impartial observer of your human experience.

Quick tip: If you’re not sure if you’re listening to your Higher Self or your Divine Soul Knowing, pay attention to your body  language.

  • If your attention and/or eyes move upwards, you’re looking to your Higher Self for guidance.
  • If your attention and/or eyes move downwards deep behind your solar plexus, you’re looking towards your Divine Soul knowing.

If you’re new to all of this, you’re probably thinking…

“Huh??  What in God’s blessed name is she talking about?  Vibrations and original Light Sources, for crying out loud? What planet does she come from?”

Before you throw out the conversation, however, do the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Guided Meditation.  It’ll make sense beyond the words if you just experience it. You’ll find that it’ll help you move into a vibrational state closer to your pure Heart of hearts vibration. That’s the most potent creation vibration you have at your disposal as a human being.

If you’re not new to this—and are ready for the next level—you’ve been nodding your head and thinking…

“Okay, that makes sense.”

For you, the next time you have a conversation with your Divine Soul, ask Her this:

“Guide me in how to best work with the ascension vibration that’s currently present and very active in the world.”  Keep your attention behind your solar plexus as you ask for your highest good, and the highest good for the world. Then follow through on what your Divine Soul Knowing tells you.

(If you need a refresher on how to have that conversation with your Divine Soul, revisit Meet the Infinite You’s step 7: Hearing Your Divine Soul’s Vibrational Voice.)

Regardless of the semantics, remember this:

And this…


Actually, that’s the whole point of what I do: I help you learn to speak telepathically with the coolest, most illumined part of you: your Divine Soul. It’s from that knowing that you can create freely… live without the restrictions of past limitations… and truly create the life that reflects your Divine Soul purpose and mission. The life you came here to live.


Let’s put this into personal action.

Make the shift from looking to your Higher Self for answers… and listening to your Divine Soul Knowing instead.

After all, what’s the point of having eyes if you never open them to see the beauty of the world around you? What’s the point of having your Divine Soul Knowing if you never listen to it?

How to tap into your Divine Soul Knowing.


1. Do the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations guided meditation.

(If you’ve already signed up for it—and haven’t yet downloaded it—then log into Waymakers Academy. You’ll find it in your member’s area. Otherwise, CLICK HERE to access and download it.)

2. Feel the feelings as you listen to the recorded meditation. If you can’t imagine the flame, no worries. Some people are visual, while others aren’t. Relax and experience the words. Their meaning will change anyway as you grow in your awareness.

3. As you go about your daily business, keep placing your attention behind your solar plexus, and practice letting Unconditional Love flow like in the meditation.

4. Use the bonus PDF “GET WHAT YOU WANT BECAUSE YOU CAN” to stay on track. (It comes with the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations guided meditation mini-course.)

4. Get involved in this website and my writings. I’m here to help.


IMPORTANT: If you’re unsure how to do any of that, then the online course “Meet the Infinite You (8 Step Master Roadmap to Personal Freedom)” can help you. Click on it to find out more.


Suggested reading:

  1. Book: “How to Make the Most of Your Earth Experience (14 Principles for Living Unconditional Love).”  This is a jewel of a guidebook that you’ll refer to time and again. Examples and action steps included
  2. Quick Fact: “What is Divine Light?”
  3. Article (for deeper information): What is Your Divine Soul?
  4. Article: “How to Overcome Fear that Clouds Your Thinking (and holds you back from your highest good).”

When you’re ready to get moving on remembering and fulfilling your Divine Soul purpose and mission…. here’s your ACTION PLAN.

Get your FREE Roadmap to Remembering and Fulfilling Your Divine Soul Purpose and Mission here…


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Get your answers starting with three simple steps.


Step 1: 

Download the FREE Roadmap to Remembering and Fulfilling Your Divine Soul Purpose and Mission.

Step 2:

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Step 3:

Share this with someone you care about. We’re in this together, so the more people who join the reawakening parade, the better off we’ll all be!

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Divine Light Vibrations Spiritual Transformation arrow2.02.45It’s your turn to talk. What’s on your mind?

If you could communicate telepathically, what would you want to tell the world? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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    If you could communicate telepathically, what would you want to tell the world? I’m often torn between, “Seriously?!?!?!” and “Lighten up Bubbaloo.” 🙂 In the end, I send Light from my Divine Soul to theirs.

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