What is your Divine Soul?

This cornerstone article contains information for all levels and is fundamental to remembering your Divine Soul Mission. No matter how "normal"... "big"... or "esoteric" that mission might be. [...]

Is long distance healing possible?

You can do long distant healing even from the other side of the globe… if the person is willing. Their free choice to allow it is fundamental and key. Read on for how...

Divine Soul = Higher Self? Not at all!

Reader's Question: What's the difference between a Divine Soul and Higher Self? Aren’t they one in the same? Some people use the two terms interchangeably. But they're not. Knowing the [...]

Listen and Let Your Divine Soul Speak

Lee was practicing Reiki and working with me on his spiritual growth when his Divine Soul asked me to pass on a message. What came out was so universal in nature, it could apply to all of us.