to make the changes you long for.

Spiral over the world saying Look...Let...Love for Glenn Younger spiritual author and transformation divine soul coach.

(Psst! It’s easier than you think

when you use the alchemy of


What happens then? Glenn Younger spiritual author and Divine Soul Coach
Divine Light Vibrations. Glenn Younger author. Signaling to look right.

Simple. You’ll use the potent alchemy

of “Look… Let… Love” to:


Send your Inner Critic on permanent vacation.


Become emotionally free to prosper in all good things.

(Yes ma’am, good times…)

Manifest your Divine Soul purpose and mission. 

(Now you’re into the juicy stuff!)

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Who have YOU come to be?

What have you come to do?

Roadmap to remembering your Divine Soul purpose and mission. By author, Glenn Younger with Enlightertainment

It’s Time To Remember Your

Divine Soul Purpose And Mission.


√ The tools you’ll need, to get to your Divine Soul Knowing and the full expression of your glorious Light.

√ Mistakes to avoid, how to spot them, and how to send your Inner Critic on permanent vacation.

√ Shorten your memory curve, and say hello to your Divine Soul in all your glory.

√ A visual roadmap, to help you see what the roadmap to connecting with your Divine Soul is all about.

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for Self-Explorers, Light Workers, and the Spiritual Alchemist in you.

Say #ByeByeInnerCritic and hello to living your #DivineSoulPurpose!

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Let’s talk about you.


You’re a born WAYMAKER… with your own unique style.

You’re here to shine your Light fully and freely… to do your part in freeing the world from fear and power games, right?

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You know all change starts with you… and that you have something to give to the world.

After all, you’ve done the work. You’ve grown a lot and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself.


Despite ALL the study and personal growth, you instinctively know there’s something MORE. Even if you can’t quite put your finger on it.

That’s your Divine Soul calling you home to your heart of hearts. That’s YOU asking yourself to go DEEPER WITHIN to hone in on your Divine Soul purpose and mission.

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Then again…

There are those quiet moments when you start to question yourself… and your hard-earned knowledge.

You think things like…

  • “Can I do this?”
  • “Who am I to…?”
  • “If I stand up and speak my FULL truth, I could get laughed at… or persecuted in some way.”

In short, it’s easier to play it safe than it is to play TRUE to yourself.

That’s your Inner Critic—the limiting voice of your ego-intellect—doing its thing.

If you ever catch yourself saying…

Word pic "Oh, I've got this down. Nothing new here." for Glenn Younger spiritual author on


You can bet your favorite donut, you’re holding yourself back.

You’ve forgotten something important: WHO YOU ARE…

  • An INFINITE Divine Soul.
  • Living in a physical body.
  • Having a human experience.

PLUS… there’s no limit to your potential.


If you hold yourself back for any reason… the limiting beliefs of your ego-intellect’s Inner Critic are still in play, running around your subconscious.

The good news is, you can send your Inner Critic on permanent vacation by using Divine Light’s vibrations of Unconditional Love to transform those subconscious limitations into illumination… inner peace… and courage.

I’m talking about the EMOTIONAL COURAGE to go DEEP into the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of your Divine Soul…

and MANIFEST your Divine Soul purpose and mission IN CONCRETE WAYS.

After all, Divine Light’s  14 Principles of Unconditional Love are valid no matter where you are in your spiritual reawakening.

Meet YOU. Without your learned limitations.  

You go DEEPER into your inborn power without your ego-intellect’s Inner Critic dragging you down.

Your Divine Soul Knowing becomes your primary point of reference. That’s the part of you that has intimate knowledge of your connection to all of creation… and goes light years deeper than your “higher-self” ever could. 

It knows how to create anything you want. Any time. Regardless of circumstances. For your highest good, and the highest good of all involved.

When you do…

  • Mental conflict that can affect your business… relationships… and even physical health is transformed into vibrant inner confidence and peace.
  • Decisions come easier.
  • Prosperity flows.
  • Your current spiritual practice(s) become richer.
  • The burden of old emotional scars buried deep in your psyche are transformed into illumination and emotional freedom.
  • Time and space take on whole new meanings.

Most importantly,


the reason you’re even here on Earth.

I want this for you. That’s why I created the FREE roadmap to remembering your Divine Soul purpose and mission.

Meet Glenn Younger

“I’m here to help the Waymakers of the world come home to their Divine Soul Knowing.”

Divine Light Vibrations, Glenn Younger author and spiritual coach

Like I said in the banner video, I’m here to help you live the life you came here to live. (You DID watch the video, didn’t you?)

With an abundant thirty years of personal and professional experience under my belt, I’ve got a hard-earned PhD in Spiritual Trial and Error. That means, if I haven’t tested and lived it, I don’t proclaim it.

What’s important is YOU. That you go deeper into your True Self—your Divine Soul Knowing—and leave your limiting conditioning behind.

Of course, you can do nothing and keep living the same-old same-old all the way to the end of your days here on Earth. But why?

That’s the fast road to looking back with regret.

Bottom line? If you like the reality you’ve created for yourself up until now, rock on! You’re already using Divine Light Vibrations exactly how you wish.

But if there are things in your life that you’d like to change… then STOP.

LOOK at what’s holding you back.

LET GO of whatever’s not for your highest good and the highest good of all involved.

LET the vibrations of Unconditional LOVE transform it into illumination, inner peace, and personal freedom.

Because… YOU CAN.

It’s really very simple. It just takes a little practice, that’s all.

You’ve got everything right here at your fingertips. 

The FREE ROADMAP will show you the way. The BASIC ACTIVATION OF DIVINE LIGHT VIBRATIONS GUIDED MEDITATION will get you deeper in the fastest and most gentle way possible. I’ve seen it time and again. The coaching work you do for others will be more effective. The work you do with a coach will go faster. The life you live will be in deeper alignment with your True Self.

If this all seems too good to be true, it’s time to think again.


Your Divine Soul Knowing together with Divine Light Vibrations are that powerful.

It all comes down to remembering how to hear your Divine Soul Knowing from deep in your heart of hearts. It comes easy once the head trips of your Inner Critic are on permanent vacation.

I’m going to show you how to do that. With a little practice, it’ll make your intuitive voice sound like a kindergartener by comparison.

But don’t just take my word for it. Listen to what others have to say…

Meet a few of your fellow WAYMAKERS.


We come from all walks of life. Different ages. Different professions. The one thing we all have in common is we’re living freer than ever from the weight of our Inner Critics. We’re each making a difference in the world—each in our own way—because we’re letting our Divine Soul Knowing be our primary reference in life.

Here’s what others have to say about their experience…

  • Working with Glenn changed my life. I transitioned out of a job I hated and now work with three things I love: music, voice, and children. It took courage, but with Glenn showing me the way to my Divine Soul guidance, I believe in myself now.  My interior dialogue has completely changed, with no more inner battles.

    Anna Morandi
    Anna Morandi LightWorker with children, music, and voice
  • “Know that you know.”  In my experience, there is nothing more empowering and exciting than this. Glenn has the ability to get you on that road to knowing, to get you to follow your instinct for your happiness.

    Ivan Peron
    Ivan Peron Acupuncturist
  • My Divine Soul brought me to Glenn and I’ve followed my Divine Soul guidance ever since. I was once secretly afraid of the innate inner power of Unconditional Love, but not any more! Old knots and blocks—ones that sat in my chest for too long—have melted away. My yoga studio has gone to a whole new level with new courses and offerings.  

    Luisa Furlani
    Luisa Furlani Yoga Studio Owner
  • I have been doing the "Basic Activation of the Divine Light Vibration" guided meditation everyday. It really works. I mean I feel like a million bucks, almost glowing, plugged in and really charged with an almost child like feeling.

    William Roper
    William Roper Professional English Teacher in Korea and Reiki Master
  • The Divine Light meditation has had a remarkable benefit for my health. My blood pressure readings have steadily lowered to the best ever. Today at my medical appointment my BP was 114/72.

    John Ramirez
    John Ramirez Retired CIA
  • I released a chronic stomach condition caused by a relationship that I no longer wanted.  Asking for transformation into illumination, I was able to hear what I truly wanted… and allow it to manifest.

    Alessia Porro
    Alessia Porro Small Business Owner and mother of two
  • I’m now able to communicate with a serenity that I never had before.  It’s enough to listen to your Divine Soul and you know you’re on the right path.  Everything is going to be okay.

    SJ Hylton
    SJ Hylton World Traveler, Writer, Actor
  • My most amazing moments on my journey of spiritual awakening have come by way of Glenn. A session with Glenn is so profound you may not realize it at first.  Each time the sessions seem to circle back time and again with more profound guidance each time, as if they’re on their own little spiral of energy...  

    Angela M.
    Angela M. Jewelry Designer and Light Worker with Sound Bowls
  • Oh my goodness! I feel great. This is so amazing. I was praying for a mentor/teacher and you showed up. This is the best ever. Laughter and light to you.

    Debbie Lehman
    Debbie Lehman Financial Professional
  • “For anyone who may be wondering what you really want, or where this is all going, I have to recommend spiritual coach and divine soul Glenn Younger... She’s like a rocket ship of love, straight from the heart. What a gift!”

    Sandra Kahale
    Sandra Kahale Copywriter and word consultant

They said, “YES!” to transforming their Inner Critics into illumination and emotional freedom. Without the excess baggage from self-limitations, they could transition into living the live they came here to live.

How about you?

Are you ready to go deeper into your Light?

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Then get your FREE roadmap now.

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