Spiritual Stories are life stories.

You write your spiritual stories every day with every thought you have—both conscious and unconscious. Along the way, some of your spiritual stories will be filled with joy. Others will be defined by challenges until you discover their meaning. Then they become a celebration of new emotional and personal freedoms.

If you’re open and curious, you can learn through other people’s stories, too.

These how-to articles and spiritual stories show you in practical, concrete ways how to use the power of Unconditional Love (aka Divine Light Vibrations). You’ll soon transform the voice of your Inner Critic into that of your Inner Cheerleader.


To make them easier to navigate, I’ve labeled them in five general categories. Click on the one that attracts you the most…

1. Freshman Level:

New to all of this? These articles are a great place to start.

2. Use and Misuse of Divine Light Vibrations:

These are spiritual stories of Divine Light Vibrations in real live action – the what’s, why’s, how’s, and how-NOT-to’s.

When you use them well, you love the results. When you mis-use them, they can come back around and kick you so hard in the nether regions that you have to eat standing up for a week.

3. Divine Soul Guidance

Our Divine Souls are infinitely loving, practical, and concrete. They’re also fun if you let them.

Trusting your own Divine Soul Guidance does take practice. When you do, your Inner Critic becomes so silent that you forget it ever existed.

With these articles, you can see how others are using the power of Unconditional Love (aka: Divine Light Vibrations) to transform the old dynamics, thought patterns, or belief systems that they outgrew like they did their Junior High School hairstyles.

4. Reader’s Questions:

These articles are generated by reader’s questions. They didn’t see the answer to their question on the FAQ page, so they either popped me an email or wrote it in the comment section of an article or FAQ page itself.

Don’t be shy! You do the same. Your question is often the very thing someone else wanted to ask, but didn’t have the courage.

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5. Outside the Box:

What would happen if you pondered ‘what if’ while in meditation? Come find out what happened to me and others when we did. One thing is for sure: What once seems “way out there” turns out to make a whole lot of sense once you grow into it.

You’ll also find a few “food for thought” ideas that are useful no matter where you are in your spiritual awareness.

(On a side note: I took the picture of this lady while in Hong Kong. Talk about not buying into society’s judgements!)


If you want to write some of the best spiritual stories EVER in your life, know your Divine Soul.

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