How to Stay Young Forever

Aging can stink the big one. HOWEVER you can stay young forever using your own advice, your Divine Soul Knowing, and the power of Unconditional Love. Action plan and video included.

Proven Personal Mantra Formula – Melt Away Those Nagging Fear-thoughts That Hold You Down.

If self limiting thoughts are holding you back, try this proven Personal Mantra Formula. Let the power of Unconditional Love melt away fear and limitation. It's easier than you think.

5 Big Secrets to Getting What You Want

"I got what I asked for, but it wasn't what I wanted!" Have you ever said that? Getting what you want is simple with these 5 secrets. If you don't use them well, however, watch out. You might get [...]

How to Overcome the Beast of Fear

You can only grow to the edges of your own fear. Big or small, you can fight it, deny it, or... overcome fear with the power of Unconditional Love. It's easier than you think! Instead of growling [...]

Is long distance healing possible?

You can do long distant healing even from the other side of the globe… if the person is willing. Their free choice to allow it is fundamental and key. Read on for how...

The Power of a Smile

The world reflects back whatever it is you're feeling in the moment. Here's a little snippet of life that shows the power of a simple smile and the value of clearly knowing what you want.

New York Vibes and Earth Energy

Earth energy is everywhere when you release fear and prejudice in order to open yourself up to the discovery. Yes, including New York city, the grande dame of cement, metal, mortar, and Broadway.