A Spiritual Transformation is one ‘yes’ away

Do you have a dream – big or small – and you keep getting in your own way?

Know this:  

It’s not your fault

… if you learned to hold yourself back.

… if you forgot the single most important aspect of yourself – the part of you that’s connected to all of creation.

It’s not anyone’s fault

… because they learned to forget, too.  Welcome to the human experience.

Here’s the good news: there’s never been a better time to wake up and remember how you’re an amazing miracle of life. If miracles aren’t happening in your life on a daily basis, then it’s because you’ve forgotten how to let them happen.

A spiritual transformation can be as easy as a piece of calorie free cosmic candy

Let’s play with where it all started for a minute.  Well, one minute and 4 seconds.  Press play on the video.


A simple spiritual transformation will open up those memory banks

“Okay,” you might say with a small smile.  “I’m game.  What’s a spiritual transformation?”


Small inner shifts = big spiritual transformation = WHOWZA! 

A spiritual transformation is about letting go of any belief you’ve been taught that has convinced you that you are not enough… or too much… or you can’t do that because… or any one of those other pesky beliefs that hold you back from living the heart of your life instead of the one you learned from others.  It’s about remembering how to use the infinite power of creation – Divine Light Vibrations – to transform them into illumination.

The idea of a  ‘spiritual transformation’ can sound huge, but it’s really not.  It’s actually straightforward when you use Divine Light Vibrations in tandem with your Divine Soul.


Huh?  A Divine Soul?

Meet Glenn, a Divine Soul having a human experience, just like you



You’re one ‘yes’ away from remembering who you really are and how to use all the power in the universe for your highest good.  That’s when real fun of living begins.  The sky won’t be your limit because that’s too small.  The cosmos won’t be either, and that’s pretty doggone huge.  That’s why I call it a piece of cosmic candy.

It’s never too late to remember.

Are you ready to say ‘yes’ to the part of you

that’s connected to everything that ever was, is, and will be?

Sign up for Good Stuff! Updates right here.  I’ll send you a FREE Spiritual Transformation Journal, just as soon as it’s hot off the etheric presses.  It’ll shorten your memory curve by light years  by helping your ego-intellect redirect its focus to what matters the most.  And you’ll use it to make the most of the step-by-step video guides that are coming soon on the new website.    As a bonus, you’ll also get periodic updates on how to maximize your results from Divine Light Vibrations - and that’s really good stuff!

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And now, press play to get your “YAY!” because you’re also saying ‘yes’ to the love from your Divine Soul.  You might want to stand up for this.

Go ahead and bookmark this page.  You never know when you might need a ‘YAY!’ along the way in your spiritual transformation, especially if you run across a negg-o who just doesn’t understand that they’re a Divine Soul having a human experience, too.

Now that you’ve signed up, pass this on to everyone you care about so they can start remembering right alongside you.

Start recognizing the presence of Divine Light Vibrations today.  Set aside nine minutes of uninterrupted time.  Then check out thebasic activation of the Divine Light Vibrations Meditation.


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