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You’re about to rediscover something you forgot.

Your innate power and the spiritual transformation of


(This is NOT La-La Land fairy talk.  It’s practical. Powerful. AND concrete.)

Once you refocus how you use **Divine Light Vibrations** in your life, you’ll be well on the way to living the life you came here to live.

Before you know it, your Inner Critic will be singing a whole different tune. One you can truly dance to!

**DIVINE LIGHT VIBRATIONS are also known as Infinite All-Powerful Unconditional Love, the Light of God, Holy Spirit, love of Shiva, spirit of Brahma, the Buddha, Universal Energy… or you might call this Divine Light by something else altogether.

It doesn’t matter what you call it. What matters is how you direct the creation flow of Infinite All-Powerful Unconditional Love. Because that’s what you’re created from… and what you use to create your reality.

These self-empowering tools will help you create the life you came here to live.

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and more goodies…

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Discover why you’re so amazing… and why YOU CAN live bigger. 

Like I say in the video, I’m here to help you live the life you came here to live.

What’s important is to go deeper into your True Self (IE: Divine Soul Knowing) and leave your limiting conditioning behind.

Of course, you can do nothing and keep living the same-old same-old all the way to the end of your days here on Earth. But why?

That’s the fast road to looking back with regret.

Bottom line? If you like the reality you’ve created for yourself up until now, keep on. You’re already using Divine Light Vibrations exactly how you wish.

But if there are things in your life that you’d like to change… it’s time to STOP.

Let go of whatever is not for your highest good and the highest good of all involved.

Ask for it to be transformed into illumination and personal freedom…

Because… YOU CAN.

It’s really very simple. It just takes a little practice, that’s all.

If you’re not sure how to do that, then this website is for you. I’ll give you the information you need to send your Inner Critic on permanent vacation.

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These happy people said, “Yes!” to their own version of spiritual transformation.

With their Divine Soul guiding them on the best way to direct the power of Divine Light Vibrations, they’re transforming the limitations of their past. That frees them up to create the life they came here to live.

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  • I’m now able to communicate with a serenity that I never had before.  It’s enough to listen to your Divine Soul and you know you’re on the right path.  Everything is going to be okay.

    SjH World Traveler
  • Working directly with Glenn, has taken me to deep levels of knowing my Divine Soul.  It has changed not only how I use Divine Light Vibrations in meditation, it’s changed the way I live my everyday life. 

    Alessia Porro
    Alessia Porro Small Business Owner
  • After directly working with Glenn, I spontaneously began using the techniques of Divine Light Vibrations with clients/patients going through deep trauma. I don’t talk about the techniques per se -  I just use them and they’re producing positive results.

    Dr. Deanna Beech
    Dr. Deanna Beech Psychologist and trauma expert
  • I love your spiritual way, and your meditation is really good!!

    Paolo Delprete
    Paolo Delprete Musician and DJ
  • It absolutely changed my past.  There's a mental memory, but no longer a negative emotional one.

    Patrizia Cristoferi
    Patrizia Cristoferi NLP Life Coach
  • My Divine Soul brought me here and I’ve let Her guide me ever since. I was once secretly afraid of the innate inner power of Unconditional Love, but not any more!  

    Luisa Furlani
    Luisa Furlani Yoga Teacher
  • Just wanted to say thank you for this site. The information is really helping me so much... I will be recommending this to as many people as am sure they will only benefit from it each day, as I certainly have. Things just seem really positive…

    William Roper
    William Roper English Teacher in Korea and Reiki Master

Art by Divine Soul Rita Frivold

What if you sent YOUR Inner Critic on permanent vacation?

You’d go DEEPER into your inborn power. Listen to your Divine Soul Knowing instead. It’s the inborn part of you that knows how to create. Anything you want. Any time. Regardless of circumstances. There’s nothing to “tap into”. It’s a question of remembering what’s in your heart of hearts.

Without your Inner Critic dragging you down with excess baggage from the past…

  • Decisions come easy.
  • Prosperity flows.
  • Personal and business relationships are rewarding on all levels.
  • Your current spiritual practice(s) become richer.
  • You remember your Divine Mission, the reason you’re even here on Earth.
  • The burden of old emotional scars buried deep in your psyche are transformed into illumination and emotional freedom.
  • Mental turmoil that can affect even your physical health is transformed into vibrant inner confidence and peace.

If this all seems a little over the top, it’s time to think again.

Your Divine Soul Knowing together with Divine Light Vibrations are that powerful.

Think of it like remembering how you have an open ticket to a better now…which leads to an even better future.

If you’re ready to take that open ticket out of the box of your past conditioning…

Get started with 3 empowering tools. Yes, they’re FREE.

  1. FREE Spiritual Transformation eJournal for immediate download. The fillable PDF format makes it easy to stay focused in ways for your highest good. Download one a week until you’ve fully realized your new way of living.
  2. FREE Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Guided Meditation. You’ll feel a new sense of well-being right away. Use it in tandem with the Spiritual Transformation eJournal for maximum results.
  3. As a member, you’ll also have access to additional resources, PLUS get periodic Spiritual Quick Tips to help you stay on track. I won’t inundate your inbox, I promise.
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Live your Love. Pass it on.

Because you CAN…


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