A Spiritual Transformation is one ‘yes’ away

Are you ready for a spiritual transformation that’ll show you who you really are?

Let’s play with that for a minute.  Well, one minute and 4 seconds.  Press play.


“Okay,” you might say with a small smile.  ”I’m game.  So what’s a spiritual transformation?”


Small inner shifts = spiritual transformation 

A spiritual transformation is about letting go of any belief you’ve been taught that has convinced you that you are less than… not enough… too much… too little… too young… too old… too tall… too short… too different… too common… too gorgeous… too ugly… too anything less than fabulous.

The idea of a  ‘spiritual transformation’ can sound huge, but it’s really not.  It’s actually straightforward when you use Divine Light Vibrations in tandem with your Divine Soul.


Huh?  A Divine Soul?


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And now, press play to get your “YAY!” because you’re also saying ‘yes’ to the love from your Divine Soul.  You might want to stand up for this.

Go ahead and bookmark this page.  You never know when you might need a ‘YAY!’ along the way in your spiritual transformation, especially if you run across a negg-o who just doesn’t understand that they’re a Divine Soul having a human experience, too.

Now that you’ve signed up, check out the three stages of spiritual awakening.  Where are you now?


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